Product Information & Proper Use

The plaque bacteria in the mouth, is the same bacteria that is known to be a potential contributor to heart disease,  increased risk for diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. Additionally, many products on the market such as metal picks and wooden toothpicks can cause damage to teeth and gums. Our mission is to provide an easier food and plaque removal solution, that will not damage teeth and one that is enticing to use. Being reusable is an added bonus!
Expert Approval
Dentists, Hygienists and Periodontists (gum and implant specialists) have vetted stimulators, including our product, Stimmie and believe they are a great oral hygiene addition for optimal gum health. Proper usage is key!
Benefits of Proper Use
Using the fine point at the end of a Stimmie tip can gently manicure under the gums to remove plaque where your toothbrush may be missing.
Stimmie gives great access to hard-to-reach areas.
The fine point can be used to glide between each tooth after meals.
Gum stimulators can improve gum tissue health, making gums tighter and healthier.
If it doesn't effortlessly fit, don't force it. 
Any in-between-the-teeth products should be used with a light hand and never with force. For those with open spaces between the teeth and/or pre-existing bone loss, gum stimulators are a fantastic way to keep the roots of the teeth and gum-line clean.

Professional Recommendations
Rubber tips should complement your oral care routine, not replace flossing. They are great for removing plaque missed by brushing alone and amazing for after-meal quick touch-ups on-the-go.
Upside & Advantage
Stimmie not only cleans between the teeth, but also cleans the outside and inside of the teeth where traditional floss and picks will not reach without bending or breaking.
Simple Tutorial
  1. Use the fine tip to gently glide between each tooth for quick removal of food after meals.
  2. Manicure & sweep under the gum-line to gently remove leftover plaque.
  3. Massage/stimulate by matching the long axis of the rubber tip parallel to the triangle of the gum and gently press and massage.

"Black Triangles" & Understanding the Concerns
Forcing any kind of 'interdental' product between the teeth and gums, may have the potential to cause 'blunting' of the gum tissue or the creation of black triangle spaces between teeth. This includes rubber tips, proxy brushes, wooden toothpicks and Soft Picks. 
Final Note 
Any gunk removal from teeth and gums is better than no gunk removal at all. We're thrilled to hear that those who have challenges with the existing products on the market are finding success with Stimmie. 
For The Refuse-To-Floss Type
Think of us as the secret weapon to improve that fuzzy feeling. Use Stimmie anytime, anywhere.
For The After Meal Itch
Think of us as a replacement to the harmful wooden toothpicks for those quick touch-ups on-the-go.

 Stimmie is not a ten-step tutorial and it's not an intricate task. It's that everyday last step before stepping out. 

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