A packable product for teeth and gums. We're so excited for you to try!

A Toothpick, But Smarter.™

Meet Stimmie, the original reusable toothpick. It's your ultimate on-the-go product for maintaining a confident smile. Lengthy tutorial not required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing will ever replace flossing. It is truly the best way to deeply remove bacteria from under the gums. However, many people don’t floss, and even those who do, don’t always do it correctly, as it requires proper technique. In light of those who are not keen on flossing, we believe any removal of debris from the teeth and gums is better than not removing any at all!

Removes food from between the teeth, removes plaque from under the gums and stimulates the tissues. Cleaner teeth, better breath and a massage for your gums, while on-the-go!

We've created a premium product intended to stand up to repeated use. Intelligent design and premium materials you can feel – no really, you can feel it in your hands. When used responsibly, our picks can last anywhere from 1-3 months.

The tips are not replaceable and the reason is two-fold. The complexities associated with tip replacements were significant. Secondly, after a diligent market feedback initiative, 9 out of 10 people stated that they would prefer to replace the full unit rather than just the tip. You talk, we deliver!

We are currently manufacturing overseas in a Medical Device Class I facility, the same facility where baby-safe and food-grade plastic and rubber products are produced. We have a robust quality control team on-site and managing QC partners in the USA.

For this very reason, we have opted not to add any flavouring to our tips. Our tips are odourless, flavourless, and latex-free.

Small in size, bold in statement. Effortless oral hygiene.


What people are saying about Stimmie, in and out of the dental chair.


    Honestly, all positive feedback. The packaging is beautiful. The product is perfect.

    — Jared, Male, Age 39

    Excellent overall product (form, feel, function). It exceeded expectations. Will be recommending this product to others and will absolutely be a repeat customer. Well done!!

    — Kickstarter

    HECK YEAH! This is definitely what we need more of in the dental world.

    — Jade, Dentist, Female, 30

    Got mine today...first impression: IMPRESSIVE!

    — Wes E.

    Genius! Love it! Should win a design award for creativity!

    — Harlan, Male, Age 38

    It's really cool, everything about it is so well done.

    — Matthew Collins, Celebrity Hairstylist, Male, Age 38

    It's like a massage for my gums.

    — Jason, Male, 26

    It's way better than a Stimudent

    — Patti, Female, Age 61

    It's smart. It's something everyone can use. Love the design of it. But it's really smart.

    — Lee, Male, Age 36

    Brilliant. I've been using an alternative for years, but this just makes so much more sense.

    — Danielle, Female, Age 61

    I've really been enjoying it! I'll keep it on my desk at work and am constantly holding it as a fidget toy and then using it for real use. Overall I think it's really well done! Cap is great as well.

    — Ely, Male, Age 29

    I showed everyone at work the Stimmie and they loved it! One girl said everyone needs this for their purse.

    — Dr. Aly Lubelsky, Dentist, Age 32

    Gives you great access to the inside of the teeth

    — Dr. Michael Nightingale, Dentist, Male, Age 35

    I keep one at my desk, one in my work bag and a ton of them in my car. I'm addicted.

    — Chase, Male, Age 36

    My gums don't bleed like they used to and I'm no longer embarrassed to share a bathroom sink with my boyfriend.

    — Veronica, Female, Age 35

    This reminds me of harry's. Levelling up something simple.

    — Vanessa, Female, Age 29

    Now that I'm in Invisalign, I'm one of your customers.

    — Luna, Female, Age 28

    It's so good I keep it out on my desk and my teeth actually feel so clean

    — Lauren, Female, Age 40

    My 3 year-old watches his dad use his Stimmie at his computer, now Levi is obsessed with picking his teeth.

    — Marie, Age 36

    I've been using my Stimmie all afternoon (not kidding)

    — Alan, Male, Age 40

    This is so smart. It's thin enough to almost get through the contacts but thick enough to hold up without breaking. I'd recommend this to my patients.

    — Vee, Dental Hygienist, Male, Age 35

    Popcorn! I've needed this. It's going to sell itself. Brilliant.

    — Neil, Male, Age 60

    Your toothpick feels so good on my teeth!

    — Brandon, Male, Age 26

Carefully Crafted

Every detail was thoughtfully based on tooth anatomy and driven by a desire to innovate at the highest quality.

*This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Keep out of reach of small children and pets.

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