A Chic Waterpik Alternative That Will Get The Job Done, On-The-Go.

A Chic Waterpik Alternative That Will Get The Job Done, On-The-Go.

WRITING: Steph Nightingale


Keeping your smile flawless is a must, and many of us are tired of hearing we need to do better with our flossing technique. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve definitely heard of a water flosser. When things are made easy and painless, there is no surprise why the Waterpik, has taken centre stage in popularity! Being easier to use than string floss and painless for those with sensitive gums. So of course it’s an attractive option. 


So your nightly routine has now resulted in a water match between you and your bathroom mirror yet you’re still asking yourself “why are my gums puffy” and “why do my gums bleed?” The reality is, a Waterpik doesn’t replace flossing since we need something with more of a mechanical action to remove sticky plaque from the teeth that doesn’t always come off from a blast of water. 


When sticky plaque is left on the tooth surface, over time it hardens into tartar. Once hardened, the body reacts, the gums pool up with blood and inflamed tissues are the result. Think of a splinter under your skin. The best soap from your favourite apothecary isn’t getting rid of it. It takes tweezers and a steady hand to remove that sliver of wood; and alas, the skin can finally deflate and heal. 


So is it worth it? Yes––as an add-on to flossing. For those with gaps between their teeth, deep pockets, and food traps galore, this tool will blast away the light and fluffy accumulation that builds up throughout the day. According to Oral Health Product Trends, Waterpik® is the only water flosser that's backed by more than 70 studies. Accessible? Absolutely. Affordability? Perhaps for some! It’s definitely an amazing investment for those who feel like it’s the only attractive option to make teeth in between a breeze and will actually use it. 


So you’ve tried a Waterpik and you don’t have a committed relationship. Or, you’re the person who’s had it sitting in the box since Black Friday 2022. You know you need to do better with your oral health and like many, refuse to floss. Don’t stress. If you’re looking for dental floss alternatives, the Waterpik isn't the only way to do it. Whether you're looking for budget-friendly options or simply prefer different methods, these fabulous floss alternatives will keep your teeth sparkling and your gums happy. Here are the top three alternatives to a Waterpik that every beauty maven needs to know about. 

  1. Stimmie

Why We love it: It’s reusable, portable for on-the-go touch-ups, and super chic to match the aesthetic of your bathroom or ‘what’s in my bag’ flatlay. 

  1. Interdental Brushes

Why we love it: Ideal for cleaning around braces or dental work and comes in various sizes for a custom fit.

  1. Soft Picks and Floss Sticks 

Why We Love It: Ideal for single use, one-and-done quick clean-ups and no water or electricity is required.


Stash these in your bag and pockets for quick fixes and keep your smile flawless wherever you go. Although the Waterpik is fabulous, we’re true believers in any gunk removal from the teeth is better than no gunk removal at all. Whether you prefer the tried-and-true traditional methods or the latest in dental tech, or the chicest in dental products where beauty meets function (hello stimmie) there’s a (chic) option here that will fit perfectly into your beauty routine. And something you’ll actually get excited to pull out and enticed to use.

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