An Innovation Story: DENTE Magazine The 2024 Denobi Award Issue

An Innovation Story: DENTE Magazine The 2024 Denobi Award Issue

Written By: CARL DEMADEMA, BOSHc Editor-in-Chief Dente Magazine, Issue FEB '24

Stephanie Nightingale, RDH, CEO, and Founder of Stimmie, brings over 15 years of industry experience to her entrepreneurial endeavors. Fueled by her astute understanding as a discerning consumer and her unwavering commitment to deliver the highest standards of quality, Stephanie identified a unique opportunity within the dental industry that addressed both practical and aesthetic needs. 

After three years of innovating and 32 iterations later, she’s developed the world’s first premium, packable, reusable toothpick–Stimmie. A proprietary product launching Spring 2024 on Inspired by her patients in clinical practice, she recognized a demand among those who find the task of flossing tedious and technique sensitive. When it comes to oral care products, the majority of her patients desire simplicity and instant gratification. So she made it her mission to change how things are designed and end the era of throwaway toothpicks. Stephanie Nightingale's innovative Stimmie epitomizes intelligence and sophistication, reflecting her steadfast dedication to streamlining oral care routines, while enhancing the overall user experience. 

In her own words, "I reimagined a better way for people to pick their teeth after eating. Additionally, I felt a moral obligation to continue to help people with gum disease and plaque control. But above all, it had to be durable and look great. It’s just smart."

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